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Research fine art practice and commercial design practice based in Kelowna, British Columbia.



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If you have a retainer contract with AJDK and need a new piece created, fill out this form to get your project in the queue.


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Good communication and status updates on where we’re at in our project is super important in ensuring deadlines are met, details are in order, and that we’re friends at the end of our work : ) We’ll use Asana (as described above) to manage projects and communicate progress to clients. Please aim to communicate through asana or through email as any other form may risk details being lost.



The outline of our projects will be laid out in a project management platform called Asana. This allows us to be looking at the same list, allows the client to be aware of where we’re at in the project, and communicate around each step. Click here for some helpful guides on how to use the platform.



Deliverables The final product or item you will receive as agreed upon in the Project Agreement.

JPEG A relatively small image file which can’t be manipulated to be larger than it is or it will become blurry.

PNG An image file allows for transparency (clear areas which will show the background through).

EPS Also called a vector file. You can resize this file type without sacrificing quality. This file type is often used for printing large scale items.

Brand Stamp Also known as an icon. This is a symbol which represents a brand. It is like an abbreviated logo.

Tagline This is a simple and specific phrase that defines an organization or campaign. It is meant to say as much as possible in the least amount of words.

Opacity This term describes transparency. By decreasing the opacity you increase the transparency.

Resolution This term describes the quality of an image. It is defined by the amount of pixels or points contained in an image or on a screen.

Negative Space This is a part of a layout or design which is intentionally left blank. This space is as important to design as the actual elements the space is around. I am a big fan of generous amounts of negative space!

Bleed This is a print term to describe an extra amount of space left on the edges of a design to allow for the printer to trim the piece.



Reviewing design work and knowing how to communicate what you’re looking for can be tricky! Here are a few helpful things to consider as you construct your feedback:

  • Think back to the project questionnaire. What deliverables are listed in our Project Agreement?

  • What was the key message you wanted portrayed in the final outcome?

  • Has the design gone off tangent? Is this a good thing?

  • Does the design reflect the identity of the brand as defined by your mission, vision, and values?

  • The first thing I see or feel when looking at this design are:

  • Without over-thinking it, what is one positive thing about the design? Communicating what you feel is working well can help us navigate what to move ahead with and what needs to be scrapped.

  • Without over-thinking it, what is one negative thing about the design?