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Pure Joy Training

Pure Joy Training is a fitness and training initiative built on the joyful and passionate vision of Corie Campbell, a personal trainer from Houston, Texas. The feeling on this brand was designed to be slick, clean, focused but also approachable, making fitness and training feel down to earth and not only for a select few. To achieve this, a spacious, sans serif typeface has been paired with a dark navy colour which is set alongside images of scenes that could be in any regular neighbourhood.

About the Logo

About the Logo

The Pure Joy Training logo is made up of an elegant sans serif typeface with generous tracking. The combination of the clean, bold lines and plentiful negative space lends itself to a nice balance of strength and style. The near perfect circle “O”, the pointed apex of the “N”, and tail of the “J” falling beneath the baseline of the word, add a subtle interest and smoothness to the overall feeling of the words.

The icon is built from three circles sized according to the golden ratio (a geometric relationship traditionally considered to produce different measurements that would be aesthetically pleasing). The cut out of the icon is shaped according to the tail of the “J”. Along the same lines as the logo, this icon is designed to be a balance of boldness through strong lines as well as graceful through the many curves.

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